Watt's List: A directory of Salesforce Consultants for Nonprofits

Ready to find the best-fit Salesforce consulting resource for your nonprofit?

Watt’s List is the only online directory exclusively focused on Salesforce consultants for nonprofits, with over 150 listings . See the full list here.

Step 1: Request an access code.

Watt’s List is completely free to use; you’ll just need an access code which you can request here. Your code will provide unlimited access to Watt’s List. Once you have your access code, enter it on the home page.

Step 2: Use the keyword search and filters to identify consultants that meet your needs.

Screenshot of filters

Watt’s List has a wide spectrum of consultant listings – everything from solo shops to global corporations, across the US and 6 other countries, providing Salesforce services around the globe in 11 different languages. The filters make it efficient for you to find the consultants that meet your needs – based on which Salesforce products and third-party apps they work with, what types of consulting services they offer, what size nonprofits and sub-sectors they work with, and more.

Step 3: Browse through consultant listings and connect with consultants directly.

Once you have found consultants that are a good match for you, contact them directly from the listing via email or link over to their website, AppExchange page, or Trailblazer listing for more information. You are in full control of who you reach out to. Watt’s List lets you browse anonymously and does not share any information about you with anyone.

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Watt’s List is presented by Watt Hamlett Consulting, an indepedent firm that specializes in helping nonprofits navigate and succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.