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Watt’s List is the only online directory exclusively for Salesforce consultants for nonprofits. You can learn more about Watt’s List on the About page.

Here’s how to get the most from Watt’s List as a user. (If you are interested in creating a listing as a consulting firm or independent consultant, click here.)

Step 1: Request a free access code.

Watt’s List is free to use; you’ll just need an access code which you can request here. Your access code provides unlimited access to Watt’s List. Once you have your access code, enter it on the home page. The code will be saved in your browser. If you ever forget your access code, you can use the same form to request it again.

Step 2: Use the keyword search and filters to identify consultants that meet your needs.

Screenshot of filters

Here are a few important things to keep in mind to help you search Watt’s List like a pro.

The search bar is a keyword / key phrase search that requires an exact match.
It’s like searching inside of a Google Sheet as opposed to Google. Thanks to the real-time refresh, you’ll see very quickly whether or not your search has a match.

Values selected within a single filter menu use “OR” logic.

Screenshot of filters

For example, if under the “Regions Served” filter you select both “United States” and “Canada” as in the screenshot above, the results will show all firms that do work in either the United States or Canada. Practically what this means is that selecting every option within a single filter menu is the same as selecting no options. So, the fewer options you can select within a single menu, the more specific your results will be.

Values selected between multiple filter menus, and with the search bar, use “AND” logic.
Screenshot of filters

This is really where you have the ability to narrow down the options.

For example, if under the Type filter you select “Consulting Firm” and under the Target Client Size filter you select “500+ employees” and under Salesforce: Other Technology you select “Experience Cloud” as in the screenshot above, the results will only show results that match all selected conditions.

Screenshot of filters

If, under the Salesforce: Other Technology menu you then also select “CRM Analytics”, it will show you listings for consulting firms that work with organizations of 500+ employees and that support Experience Cloud or CRM Analytics. So you haven’t necessarily narrowed your options by adding a second option from the same menu, you may have actually broadened them. So the more filter menus you apply to your search, and the fewer options you select within a single menu, the more specific your results will be.

Results are displayed in random order by default.

Screenshot of filters

If you want to change the order, use the sort menu (labeled “Default Order”) to select one of the other options.

For alphabetical options:

  • an “up” arrow sorts A to Z
  • a down arrow sorts Z to A.

For numerical options:

  • an “up” arrow sorts lowest to highest
  • a “down” arrow sorts highest to lowest.

Step 3: Browse through consultant listings and connect with consultants directly.

Here are a few things to know about the listings.

You may see different information displayed from listing to listing. Most of the questions on the profile listing form for consultants are optional. If you see a section on one profile that you do not see on another, it is because the consultant/firm did not answer that particular question.

Learn more about credentials. One of the best ways to get a feel for the technical capabilities of a consultant is to check out their Salesforce certification credentials. For consulting firms that are official Salesforce partners, you can click over to their AppExchange listing from their profile and find certification counts there. For independent consultants, you can click over to their Trailblazer profile from the listing to see their specific certifications and how long they have held them.

Contact the consultant/firm. Use the blue “Contact Us” button at the top of each listing to email the firm/consultant directly at the email address they provided.

That’s it! If you have additional questions, please visit the FAQ page or contact us.

If you need additional assistance with identifying, selecting, contracting with, or overseeing the work of a Salesforce consultant for your nonprofit, these are all services provided by Watt Hamlett Consulting. You can learn more here.