Who is Watt’s List for?

Watt’s List is first and foremost a research tool for nonprofits, to help them more easily, comprehensively, and equitably identify consultants to address their Salesforce needs. Watt’s List is also for:

  • Job seekers looking for Salesforce opportunities among nonprofit-focused firms.
  • Salesforce consulting firms looking to reach their best-fit clients, looking for partners or subcontractors to aid in their Salesforce work, or looking to better understand how they compare to other consultants in the sector.
  • Firms that advise on consultant selection looking to provide data-driven guidance to their clients.
  • Anyone interested in the current state of Salesforce consulting services for nonprofits.

What is the benefit of Watt’s List to nonprofits over other options?

While there are other directories that include Salesforce consultants for nonprofits, including the Salesforce AppExchange, none are as highly specialized as Watt’s List. Watt’s List is:

  • 100% focused on Salesforce consulting resources for nonprofits
  • the first directory to include both traditional consulting firms as well as independent consultants
  • highly specific to the Salesforce needs and search criteria of nonprofits, enabling consultant research that is relevant, comprehensive, and efficient
  • 100% objective and agnostic, providing an equitable, level playing field of every consultant option, no matter how big or small, with no preferential treatment or pay-for-placement.

How does Watt’s List work for nonprofits?

Here is how Watt’s List works for nonprofits and any user:

  1. Users register for a free access
  2. Users login to browse, search, filter, and sort listings
  3. Users contact consultants directly with inquiries

What can nonprofits learn about their consultant options from Watt’s List?

Watt’s List includes over 25 data points about each firm, including:

  • Consulting services provided
  • Consulting team size
  • Target client size
  • Nonprofit sub-verticals served
  • Nonprofit functional areas served
  • Nonprofit-specific Salesforce technologies supported
  • ISV apps and other technologies supported
  • Number of years providing Salesforce services to nonprofits
  • Geographies and languages served
  • Ownership by underrepresented groups
  • And more!

Will Watt’s List tell a nonprofit everything they need to know about a firm?

No. Watt’s List is intended to be a launching pad through which nonprofits can:

  • Understand the range of options available to meet their particular needs
  • Narrow down their options based on the criteria that are important to them
  • Link over to the website, AppExchange listing, or Trailblazer profile of consulting firms to learn more, or contact firms directly via email

Where does the information on Watt’s List come from?

Any business that provides Salesforce-related consulting services to the nonprofit sector can request access to create a profile listing using this form.

Does Watt’s List verify the business information submitted for Watt’s List?

Watt Hamlett Consulting conducts a basic validation of the listing via the website, LinkedIn, AppExchange and/or Trailblazer profile included on the profile. If we deem or determine that anything on a profile is inaccurate or inappropriate, we reserve the right to request revision or to reject the profile in part or in whole. However, Watt Hamlett Consulting does not fully validate, substantiate, or guarantee the content of any profile listing. Please read our full disclaimer.

Do firms need to only do Salesforce work for nonprofits to be included?

No. Firms may do Salesforce work in other sectors, or serve nonprofits beyond Salesforce.

What is the cost for a business to have a listing on Watt’s List?

There is a $99 annual fee.

Can businesses pay for preferential treatment or access on the site?

No. Watt’s List is designed to be a level playing field where every business has an equal chance to present themselves and be discovered by their best-fist clients.

Is there a cost to use Watt’s List?

No. Watt’s List is free to all users. Anyone can request a free access code to use Watt’s List.

Why is an access code required?

Watt Hamlett Consulting requires an access code to help us know how many people are interested in Watt’s List and who they are so we can better tailor our resources and services to them.

Do you track how individuals use Watt’s List?

No. Once a user requests an access code, we do not track anything else they do on Watt’s List (including whether or not they use the access code). We do use web analytics to monitor site visits and page views, but this is all based on anonymous user data. We are proud to use Plausible as our web analytics tool. By using Plausible Analytics, all the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously. No personal data is collected, and there is no cross-site or cross-device tracking. All data is in aggregate only. We want you to be able to trust that neither we nor anyone is watching how you use the site.

Do you share information about users outside of Watt Hamlett Consulting?

No. We do not share information about individual users outside of Watt Hamlett Consulting, though we may share aggregated data. We never share names, organizations, or email addresses.

Why is Watt Hamlett Consulting doing this?

Learn more about the factors that led us to create Watt’s List on the About page.

Can I ask another question?

Yes! Just head over to our Contact page and let us know what is on your mind.

If you need additional assistance with identifying, selecting, contracting with, or overseeing the work of a Salesforce consultant for your nonprofit, these are all services provided by Watt Hamlett Consulting. You can learn more here.