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Join the over 150 nonprofit-focused Salesforce consulting businesses who are getting discovered by their best-fit nonprofit prospects (and job seekers) on Watt’s List.

Watt’s List offers:

  • A chance to be part of the only online directory that is 100% focused on Salesforce consultants for nonprofits, drawing over 1,500 unique visitors per month. See who’s already on Watt’s List.
  • An opportunity to highlight the ways your services and capabilities are aligned to the specific Salesforce needs of nonprofits, with 15 highly relevant filters.
  • A way to get discovered by companies that perform consultant selections, as well as relevant consulting and product businesses seeking partnerships

Here’s how to create your listing

  1. Use this form to request the profile application form.
  2. You will receive the link to the profile application form via email. Complete the profile application and pay the $99 annual listing fee.
  3. We will review and publish your profile to the site and notify you on your new listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for getting listed?

You simply need to be a consulting firm or independent consultant that provides Salesforce services to nonprofits. We will verify, either through your website, the AppExchange, your Trailblazer profile, or LinkedIn, that there is evidence of this.

How much does a profile listing cost?

Profile listings are $99 per year.

How quickly will my listing be published?

Listings are usually published within 3 business days.

How often can I update my listing?

Listings can be updated as often as you like. The link for editing your profile will be included in your application submission.

Will you edit or alter my listing?

Your listing will be posted exactly as you submit it, however we may correct typos and make edits for formatting purposes. If we deem or determine that anything on a profile is inaccurate or inappropriate, we reserve the right to request revision or to reject the profile in part or in whole.

What can you tell me about the other businesses on Watt’s List?

They are an impressive bunch! You can learn more about their collective qualifications and capabilities on the About page.

Is it possible to pay more to have my profile featured more prominently on the site?

Watt’s List is intended to be an equitable, level playing field of every consultant option, no matter how big or small, with no preferential treatment or pay-for-placement. We want every consulting business to have an equal shot of getting found by their best-fit prospects.

Do businesses need to only do Salesforce work for nonprofits to be included?

No. Firms may do Salesforce work in other sectors, or serve nonprofits beyond Salesforce.

How can I get my open jobs featured on the Consulting Jobs page?

Simply include a link to your Jobs landing page on your profile, we will take it from there! You can also contact us at any time to add (or remove) a job.

Can I ask another question?

Sure! You can reach us at any time with any question or need via our contact form.

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