Watt’s List is a great place to find Salesforce consultants for nonprofits. It’s also a great place to find consulting firms that are hiring.

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If you are looking for Salesforce-related job opportunities with consulting firms that serve the nonprofit sector, check out the curated the list below from the businesses on Watt’s List. There are 189 positions posted across 41 different companies as of June 1, 2024.

Click on the job title to view the job posting. Click on the company name to be taken to the firm’s profile on Watt’s List to learn more about the company and the work they do in the nonprofit sector (free access code required).

Watt’s List provides this list as a thank-you to the firms who have chosen to be listed on Watt’s List, and as a free resource to those looking to put their skills to use in the nonprofit sector with one of these companies.

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Posted Positions as of June 1, 2024:


Business Analyst

Business Intelligence


Consultant - Marketing Cloud




Managed Services

Project Management

Sales & Marketing



- Not all jobs above may be in the nonprofit sector, as many firms on Watt’s List work in multiple sectors.
- We have not included jobs from Deloitte Digital as we were not able to determine with confidence which if any of their many open Salesforce positions are in the nonprofit sector. Please visit their profile listing to access their jobs page link.
- We have made our best effort to categorize jobs, but the jobs above may not exactly match their assigned category.
*- If you would like to have your consulting firm’s jobs listed on future editions of this page, please create a listing for your firm on Watt’s List and include a link to your jobs page. We’ll take it from there!