Hi, I’m Watt Hamlett, founder of Watt Hamlett Consulting (WHC) and Watt’s List. Welcome!

Watt’s List is a searchable online directory of consulting firms and independent consultants that specialize in Salesforce-related services for nonprofits, presented by Watt Hamlett Consulting.

Here is what you will find on Watt’s List:

  • Over 150 consultant listings, including over 100 consulting firms and more than 30 independent consultants, representing over 2,000 individual consultants who provide Salesforce-related services for nonprofits. Listings range from one-person shops to publicly traded corporations.
  • Sector focus: Two-thirds of the listings are for consultants that do 75 percent or more of their business in the nonprofit sector, with nearly 50 listings for consultants that focus exclusively on Salesforce for nonprofits.
  • Experience: An average of 8 years of experience providing Salesforce services for nonprofits.
  • Organizational fit: Consultants that serve organizations ranging from 10 or fewer staff to 500+ staff, across multiple sub-sectors.
  • Geographic reach: Consultants based in the US and 6 other countries, providing Salesforce services around the globe in 11 different languages.
  • Diversity: Nearly half of the listings are for firms that are owned by minorities or groups under-represented in the tech sector, including Black, Latinx, Native American, Women, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, and Veteran ownership.
  • Technology chops: Experience with every available Salesforce product for nonprofits as well as nearly every other Salesforce cloud, and dozens of ISV apps relevant to nonprofits.
  • Services breadth: Services ranging from full implementations, to managed services and staff augmentation, to related services including change management, data governance, marketing campaign design, user experience design, strategic services, and more.
  • Salesforce partnership: 70 percent of listings are for official Salesforce partners, and two-thirds of those were participants in the Saleforce.org Partner Network before it was disbanded at the beginning of 2023.
  • Employment opportunities: Half of the profiles include links to job listings.

You’ll find all the above and more at Watt’s List. Best of all, Watt’s List is searchable via keyword and 15 different filters to help you find the consultants that are the best fit for your needs. And once you narrow down your options, you can contact consultants directly via the site.

If you are ready to dive into Watt’s List, please visit the Get Started page. If you’d like to learn more about the “why” of Watt’s List, read on.

I founded WHC in 2018 with a vision of better buyers and better sellers in the Salesforce nonprofit ecosystem, and five years later, Watt’s List has become the latest extension of that vision.

Over the past 5+ years, I have had the opportunity to work directly with dozens of nonprofits to help them navigate the Salesforce ecosystem, as well as dozens of consulting firms and independent consultants to help them establish or grow businesses to better serve nonprofits on Salesforce. I have reached hundreds more nonprofits and consultants through my published resources and webinars. You can learn more about the work of WHC here.

Through this work and my 15+ years in the Salesforce nonprofit ecosystem, I have developed a deep understanding of what nonprofits need from their consulting partners and what it takes for partners to successfully serve nonprofits.

Watt’s List is an effort to simultaneously address a critical need for both nonprofits and their partners: helping nonprofits find their best-fit Salesforce consulting resources, and helping nonprofit-focused Salesforce consultants get found by their best-fit clients. Rather than having to know me or pay for a consulting engagement with me, Watt’s List opens up my network and builds upon it at scale, for both nonprofits and their partners.

There are several factors at work that make this an important time for Watt’s List.

  1. The number of nonprofits on Salesforce is large and growing. According to Salesforce, there are 54,000 nonprofits on the platform.
  2. What “Salesforce” is, as a set of technologies, is large and growing. Under the hood, Salesforce is now more than 40 different products.
  3. The number of consulting resources available is large and growing, both in the US and globally. The number of official Salesforce partners is now over 2,400, not to mention the countless independent consultants, a number that has been fueled by the Great Resignation and tech company layoffs.
  4. The breadth of what consultants can do for nonprofits on Salesforce continues to grow, with new services and specializations emerging.
  5. Two major announcements in 2023 by Salesforce.org have introduced uncertainty into how nonprofits will use Salesforce and which consulting partners are focused on serving them, namely the release of the new Nonprofit Cloud and the disbanding of the Salesforce.org Partner Network.

In short, we are in a moment when there have never been more nonprofits with as many needs related to Salesforce, nor as many consulting firms and independent consultants with the skills and desire to serve them, but with no single place where the former can discover the latter. This is the moment Watt’s List is intended to address.

While there are other directories that include Salesforce consultants for nonprofits, including the Salesforce AppExchange, none are as highly specialized as Watt’s List. Watt’s List is:

  • 100% focused on Salesforce consulting resources for nonprofits
  • the first directory to include both traditional consulting firms as well as independent consultants
  • highly specific to the Salesforce needs and search criteria of nonprofits, enabling consultant research that is relevant, comprehensive, and efficient
  • 100% objective and agnostic, providing an equitable, level playing field of every consultant option, no matter how big or small, with no preferential treatment or pay-for-placement.

Watt’s List is a free resource for all users. Simply click here to request an access code for unlimited access to the directory.

If you are a consulting firm or independent consultant that provides Salesforce-related services to nonprofits and would like to create a profile on Watt’s List, please click here to request the profile form.

If you have additional questions, please visit the FAQ page.

If you would like to reach me directly with questions or feedback, please use the Contact Us form.

Watt Hamlett

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